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You could say that the worshipping of the Sun is a Neolithic concept, and you would be right because Sun worshipping has been around since the Neolithic period. But we have come a long way since then. We now understand the Sun is the center of our solar system and affects every living thing here on our planet Earth. So maybe Not taking notice of the Sun is the truly primitive concept.

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Here in San Diego we get large amounts of UV light. UV light is 1 type or wavelength of light that the Sun emits. It is sunny about 68% of the time in San Diego with around 3055 hours of sun a year. Not many people know that San Diego gets more sunshine in the winter than the summer. This is because of summer cloud cover that is often referred to as "June Gloom" and "May Gray". It is caused by low level clouds that come in from our beautiful San Diego coastlines, but inland areas are often unaffected and very sunny all year long. In fact if you find it cloudy on your visit to San Diego, you may just want to plan a trip 10 minutes inland. You'll be surprised to find it sunny and warm. You can even catch a tan in January or February!

Tanning is just in people's lifestyles in San Diego. Like in many other sunny places, sun exposure is something that San Diegans must manage in order to prevent over exposure. Some are getting natural tans as they are hitting the beach, riding on jet skis, hiking, or in the surf. This can be a dangerous gamble because it is easy to get caught up in your activity and stay in The Sun too long. Many people in San Diego are making sure to use sunblock while being active in the Sun, and then get their tans in tanning beds or with airbrush tans.

However you do it, being active and tan in San Diego comes with the territory.

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